DOOH – Innovation in Copenhagen


Copenhagen Airport is on track to pass the 25 million passenger mark in 2014. Its passenger profile is upscale – more than 90% of passengers take international flights, and c. 47% are flying for business.

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In January this year the airport body issued a tender for the advertising sales concession at the airport. At the core of the brief was the request to “deliver the most modern, reasoned, profitable and exclusive advertising product portfolio in Europe”.

From the outside this appeared to be a two horse race. Clear Channel had held the concession for many years. JCDecaux on the other hand has an enviably strong track record, and is steadily building a high quality airport portfolio right across the globe.

The contract, however, has been awarded to Airmagine, a newly established company owned by Egmont Group. Egmont is a substantial and established media company, founded in Copenhagen in 1878. It has more than 6,000 employees.

In an interesting departure from the norm, Airmagine is refurbishing the entire airport with digital inventory only.

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554 digital screens are to be positioned at 154 locations throughout the airport. A variety of different sizes are on offer, ranging from 55 inch (the diagonal) to 220 inch, with a mix of portrait and landscape orientation. Real time adaptive marketing is to be tested at 60 screens. These screens incorporate cameras with facial recognition technology installed, opening up a number of interesting possibilities for advertisers.

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